If you’re not ready for or able to have me do a full review on your site, or just need a few things fixed, I can help with that too.

WordPress – The main one off projects I do, are for clients using the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress. I’m live in the US (obviously) and can help with easy changes on your site at a fraction of the cost of a US based WordPress or PHP developer.

Oftentimes, fixes are as low as $25. Additionally, if it is something that you’ll continue needing to do, for an additional $15, I’ll provide a tutorial – an actual video of my screen with my voice, as I do the fix on YOUR site. So you’ll be able to have that for a reference in the future and not even need to pay me or anyone else to fix or do that on your website moving forward.

That said, some fixes require more time and robust coding. But I’ll let you know that up front and if that is the case, I’ll forward you over to one of my US based coders that I’ve worked with in the past to help you with that issue. But if your site needs that level of coding, you can expect to pay US prices for that expertise (usually around $150 to $200/hr).

Photoshop – Images are an important part of any website as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So having good clean images on your site is very important in your credibility with the site visitor and the duration of their stay. One common problem with images on a website, is that the person uses images that are too large from a file size perspective. I can compress those image files down, so you still have the same nice clean picture, but the files size is much smaller and will upload for the visitor much faster. Other Photoshop tasks are taking an image and removing an unsightly blemish on the wall. For instance, if you have a great picture of window blinds from a client, but later notice that there is a crack or electric cord that is running along the side; in most cases I can “Photoshop” that out.