Don’t you hate it when you are looking at a website for a service you want or need and they don’t give you any pricing info? You have to call them to get a price? Makes me wonder…Are they going to try to charge me whatever they feel they can?

With that in mind, I wanted to keep this as simple and straightforward as possible. So I’ve created several levels with straight forward pricing dependent on the size of your site or where you’re at with your website and/or business.

The math of it is simple. I’m very happy to provide these levels and this pricing which provides great value and are very cost efficient for those who need help but don’t have unlimited marketing dollars to engage in a 12 month or even 6 month SEO campaign.

So What Are The Packages?

N00b – First off, what’s a N00b? A N00b is someone who is a newcomer to some sort of activity or profession. Oftentimes used for those new to computer use, internet activity, or gaming. Also referred to as a newbie, newb or noob.kid n00b

There is no shame in being a n00b. We are all n00bs at some point in time. In fact, I’d venture to say that EVERYONE is a n00b at something…myself included.

The n00b package is perfect for the person who wants to start a business and just doesn’t know where or how to start. What domain name should I register? How do I register a domain name? What TLD (Top Level Domain – aka .com, .net, .org, .info, etc.), should I get? There are so many pitfalls in starting out. I assure you that you’d save a great deal of time if you had a roadmap from someone who has been down that road before (I know a guy ;).

The n00b package is also great for someone who already has a business but they just don’t know how to do a website. Or, if their website was created for them ages ago and they don’t know which way to go in getting a new and improved (and mobile friendly) website up and going.

With the N00b package, you’ll get a roadmap called “The Getting Started Doc”. This document provides a step by step guide on how to:

Get a domain name as well as tips on choosing that perfect domain name

A tip on how to get a new domain name for free for a year*

How to set up hosting for your forthcoming website

How you can build a website of your own

How to get your own email address at your newly registered domain name

Best practices for your website so it can get crawled quickly by Google

How to incorporate and build a legitimate email list that you can market to (I wished I had done this when I first started!)

Best practices for setting up social media accounts

What pitfalls to avoid

I learned all this by taking a very scenic route. 🙂 I wish I had a roadmap like this as the time it would’ve saved me certainly would justify the cost multiple times over and saved me many headaches and frustration.

Basic, Standard & Premium Packages – These plans are all meant for people who already have a somewhat active website. The main difference is the size of their website by way of pages. Basic covers a website that has up to 10 pages, Standard covers up to 50 pages and Premium covers up to 200 pages.

The Basic & Standard Package get the following:

Website Crawl – I will crawl your website in a similar fashion that Googlebot does. Googlebot is the web crawler for Google that constantly crawls the web, looking for new websites and pages to crawl and index into their search results based on a variety of criteria.

Search Engine bot crawling code

This crawl will identify if there are any technical issues with your site that might or is already causing confusion or ranking issues with your site. A site that cannot be crawled by Google or is confusing to crawl is a site that won’t rank well in Google (if at all). You’ll get a report of your 200, 3xx (if any), 4xx (if any) & 5xx (if any) HTTP response status codes along with what that means and if any action on your part should be taken.

http response codes

The above may look scary but I’ll give you exactly what it means as it pertains to your site as well as what you need to do to get it resolved.

Ranking Report – I’ll run a ranking report to see if your site has any existing rankings and what they are. You’ll get a report that shows the keyword or keyword phrases ranking in Google. If your site has keywords ranking in Google, this report will show the organic position the keyword is coming up in, the average search volume by month for that keyword/keyword phrase, the average Cost Per Click (provided by Google), and the landing page that is ranking for that keyword/keyword phrase.


There are a few phrases in the paragraph above that might be new to some of you so I wanted to provide a brief explanation below:

Organic Position -There are two types of results that come up when you do a search for something on Google. Organic and PPC (Pay Per Click). More on PPC in the bullet below but an “organic” ranking is a “free” ranking. Google has crawled your site among many and has decided that it has met the necessary criteria to rank at whatever position it is. Google traditionally shows 10 organic search results per page with the PPC ads above them.

PPC – Pay Per Click & Adwords – Just like it sounds, you have to pay to play here. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can run through a lot of money in a very short period of time. Because every time someone “clicks” on your ad…you PAY Google whether they end up buy anything from your site or not. The very moment they click on that ad, Google tracks it and charges you for it. PPC can be a viable way to get new business but it takes time to learn and run efficiently.

Landing Page – This is the actual page on your website that Google has associated the ranking keyword with and will “land” the searcher on that very page when they click on the result in Google.

Custom Action Plan – I will then take a look at the results of the crawl on your site and will provide a full action report of what needs to be done to correct any issues found so that your site will be inline with current best practices for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I’ll give you a detailed plan in order of the most critical issues to the least.

I’ll look at any keywords you may have ranking and provide you some quick tips on how to best leverage those existing rankings.

Lastly…I’ll provide you with a step by step plan of what you should do next, in what order, and any recurring items that should be done. The beautiful thing is that you’ll have an action plan based on your website and you can employ it at whatever pace makes the most sense for you.

The Premium Package – Follows the same protocol as the Basic and Standard but it was created for larger sites (up to 200 web pages) and also comes with a 1 hour long conference call with me to go over the report and any other questions you might have regarding your site and its online marketing.

Again, keeping in mind that the average cost of an SEO program is $500 per month (on the low end), with a commitment of 12 months…that works out to be $6,000. If you’re able to get them to agree to a 6 month commitment, that’s still $3,000. DIY online marketing can save you thousands of dollars.