I don’t mean to throw shade at online marketing agencies. I really don’t. There are a few out there that are great agencies with the clients’ best interests at heart. But even in that situation, the agency has a decent amount of overhead to contend with, which by the nature of economics, forces higher pricing. As a result, the #1 metric most agencies focus on is…

MRR – Monthly Recurring Revenue

Why is that?

Well…they have A LOT of startup and monthly costs:



Chairs & Furniture

Phones & Headsets


Fax Machines

Dry Boards

Monthly Coffee & Snacks


Phone service

ISP (Internet) service – Mostly T1’s

Travel expenses

Team building outings


Pen’s, paper & other consumables

Health Insurance

Business Insurance

Office overhead picture

and the biggest cost for most…PAYROLL.

In order to have talented people on your team, you have to pay them competitively and that gets expensive.

So, it is not hard to see that when the owners of an agency are calculating the pricing of their services, all these expenses are taken into consideration Hence, driving up the cost of the services so they can make a profit. These costs are passed on to you, the client.

I’ve always been a people person and nice guy. Many times, I’ve helped family and friends for free or if they insisted, for a pittance of what I would normally get pimped out for under the agencies I used to work for.

But…I would rather help some small business owners out than see them get taken advantage of by many SEO’s or agencies. Again, not all are corrupt or taking advantage of people but even in the cases where SEO’s or agencies are honest, it costs money to do it right under that business model.

Some companies are ready for this level of investment. But…if you’re not quite there yet (which many aren’t), then I can help get you there at a fraction of the cost.